We’d love to hear from you. Here’s what you need to know to contact us:

  1. If you’re an author, please use the form found on the “For Authors” page to submit your book proposal.

  2. Send that form, plus a bio on you, and a sample table of contents for the book you’re interested in submitting. References are a must, too. Please complete the form prior to pitching us and include a bio, TOC sample, etc). We enjoy getting quality referrals from existing, successful authors we’ve published.

  3. If you’re an editor looking for contract work, plus attach your resume and references to your email.

  4. If you’re a designer, or other support service provider, same drill as above for editors.

  5. If you’re a video producer, use the “For Authors” form, and along with your bio and references, point us to somewhere online we can see an example of your work if possible.

  6. To reach Mike Lawson, email him using mike@lawsonmusicmedia.com. If you just have questions, that’s OK, but please use email rather than picking up the phone until you have established a relationship with Lawson Music Media.

  7. It can take a few days to get a reply, occasionally longer, please be patient. Remember, “No” is immediate, and “Yes” always takes longer.

IMPORTANT: Lawson Music Media’s email addresses are protected by Spam Arrest. This means you will get an email to verify yourself through that service, and white-list your mail to insure its delivered. Please check your inbox, your own junk filter or other spam blocker for an automatic reply from Spam Arrest where you will have info waiting to tell you how to clear your address to insure it reaches him. Otherwise, your email might not get to him.

Lawson Music Media, Inc is located at 4717 Centennial Blvd, Nashville, TN 32709. Appointments Only Please. The gate is open until 5PM. Studio is located in back of the building. Pull car through the black iron gate on Centennial Blvd and park in the paved lot, then walk to enter the gate through the back of the parking lot and look for the sign on the first door to the left, labeled Hot Haus Productions and Lawson Music Media.

If you already know Mike, you’re welcome to call him on his business cell line directly at 615-870-9333. If you don’t know Mike and have not already submitted the form, or at least inquired via email garnering a response and invitation to call, please email first.


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